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The Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition’s Double-Header


A quick shout out for the Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition‘s double-header this weekend. They invite advocates for a bicycle-friendly Michigan to join them for their first 2nd bicycle summit, the 2011 Grand Rapids Bicycle Summit: Inspiration to Action  on Friday and followed up the next day with Planning and Designing On-Street Bicycle Facilities. The two events feature keynote speakers Darwin Hindman and Peter Lagerwey.

Darwin Hindman was mayor of Columbia, Mo. for 15 years(Parade) where he was one of the country’s strongest leaders in not just advocating for more people to walk and ride, but actually implementing the changes needed.

Peter Lagerwey is Senior Transportation Planner for Maryland-based Toole Design Group. He is known for within one year of seeing the  Seattle Bicycle Master Plan adopted, installing over 65 miles of on-street bike lanes and bicycle routes. On Saturday Lagerwey will be leading the workshop on Planning and Designing On-Street Bicycle Facilities. He is the author of Creating a Roadmap for Producing and Implementing a Bicycle Master Plan (2009) (PDF).

There is still space available for the both days.

UPDATED 1PM: Corrected GRR Bicycle Coalition and this is the 2nd bike summit.

  1. June Thaden
    May 3, 2011 at 1:18 pm

    I remember fondly hearing Peter Lagerwey during his Seattle years at Pro-Bike conferences. One of the deep understandings I learned from him was that the triangle of Elected commission, Staff and citizen advocates is necessary to cause an improvement for cyclists — or any change. A pro-cycling staff person needs the citizen-advocates to pressure him for the changes they both want and to promote with the elective body.

    If you have the day, do get down to GR.

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