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Engage & Represent: I’ll Sign Yours If You Sign Mine

Engage & Represent

(gossip edition)

Nominating petitions are out for the Traverse City city commission and the mayoral seat. City residents are allowed to sign the number of petitions equal to the seats available. So, you can sign one potential mayoral petition and three potential commissioner petitions. 

I’ve signed two petitions so far for potential commission candidates Brian Haas and incumbent Jim Carruthers. Signing the petition isn’t necessarily an endorsement, but I would like to see both of them in the election cycle. Candidates need 70, plus some for insurance, signatures in case some signatures are discredited for whatever reason and they have until August 9th to have the petitions in and accepted. If you want to run, you can pick up the packet at the City Clerk’s office. 

Because of the low number of signatures needed, many readers won’t be asked to sign a petition, however I’m curious who already has signed whom’s petition. This is the lazy man’s way to see who has picked up nominating packets. 


Have you signed anyone’s nominating petition?



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  1. Ross Richardson
    May 26, 2011 at 10:59 am

    I’ve signed Jim carruthers’ petition, and I also heard that Chris Grobbel, who lives on Washington Street, is circulating petitions. The filing deadline isn’t until early August.

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