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Grumpy People Can And Will Adapt

UPDATED 1PM 5/31: After the transcript was made available, the quote was corrected* and accredited.

Well Put

There’s always going to be groups of grumpy folks that came up during a time when streets were only for cars. And so, they’re going to have to adapt.

~ Tommy Wells, Washington D.C. council-member in support of D.C.’s bike share program (NPR)

Exactly. Good leadership recognizes when the grumpy dinosaurs are simply road blocks to good policies. I can think of several dinosaurs in positions of authority in NW Lower Michigan’s little corner who need to adapt or get out of the way.


EDITOR’S NOTE: I woke up to the above quote on the radio, so it might be slightly off. I’ll correct it once the full story is available later today at:  Bikeshare Program Rides High In D.C.

* Quote originally published as: “There will always be the grumpy people who grew up in the time when streets were just for cars. They are going to have to adapt.”

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