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Leading Location For TC’s Dog Park

As mentioned in the previous post is the continued progress of Traverse City’s first off-leash dog park. The citizen group organizing the effort is still working on a proposal and will present what they have at tonight’s parks and recreation meeting. They had offered four locations around the City in an online survey, and it appears the most popular is in parkland near the commons near 11th and Division St. where two homes used to sit, shown below looking west.

What would a basic layout look like in this area? Armed with a sharpie I sketched out an idea. Note, this is no way endorsed by anyone or any City body. It is simply a brainstorm. Still, it gives us something to build off of. If you’re interested in supporting the dog park, you can learn more at tonight’s meeting or through the website www.tcdogpark.com

  1. June 2, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    I would love to see a dog park in TC – we had them all over in AZ and they were a great place to get out, meet people, and have happy doggies!

  2. who
    June 3, 2011 at 11:03 am

    I’m not necessarily against an off-leash dog park but people should know they pose dangers. The two biggest problems are aggressive dogs and spreading of diseases. The other thing is that it’s doubtful that this is going to stop dog owners from letting their dogs run loose at the marina, beach, behind the library, and elsewhere along the TART.

    One of the biggest issues I’ve run into with dog owners around here is they are completely ignorant (even delusional) when it comes to dog behavior and predictions of dog behavior. I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve been out walking my dog ON A LEASH and some large dog runs up on us and I have to get between it and my dog. The owner usually calls or waltzes up and says “oh he’s friendly”.

    First of all, how do you know MY dog is friendly? I guess you’re not worried since I actually have mine under control, but if your dog starts a fight I will let mine go so she can defend herself.

    Second, maybe I don’t want your dog near my dog (or me). I don’t get a lot of vaccinations for my dogs because they aren’t exposed to other dogs, so I certainly don’t want your dog coming up to my dog and exchanging saliva.

    Third, at least one of these times my dog was attacked by one of these “friendly” dogs that was twice her size and I had to rush her to the vet with a tooth puncture in her side and a ripped ear. The owner didn’t even offer to pay the bill and I had to sue him for it…after much detective work finding out his name and address!!

    Do you really think a dog park is going to solve these problems? I think it will just make them worse for unsuspecting dog owners who have delusions of every dog being friendly, well-behaved and healthy…and/or owners won’t even use the park because the proposed location is out of the way from where people tend to take their dogs off leash.

    Or maybe it will do me a favor and get everyone to take their dogs to the park and I can finally walk mine in peace! I won’t hold my breath on that, though.

  3. Greg
    June 3, 2011 at 11:33 am

    Good points “who”. As a dog owner also, part of my decision in buying my house was having enough room for my pets, not requiring my neighbors to cheap in and help pay for a park. It seems it will open City up to law suits and will definitely increase the cost to maintain this area. I realize that the area is currently mowed, but we all know how much faster it is to mow an empty field compared to maintaining grass around a fence. Are my tax dollars going to be used to pick up all of the messes?

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