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Why Do On Friday What You Can Do On Sunday, The Weekly Chatter

The end of the week round-up is a little late, but as the saying goes…

…it’s ok to slow down.

Weekly Chatter

“The most vital element for the future of our cities is that the bicycle is an instrument of experiential understanding.”

“Every $1 spent to keep a road in good condition avoids $6-14 needed later to rebuild the same road once it has deteriorated significantly”


Thread #1:

  • RT CycleAdagio The worst result of a vehicular cycling culture is the bike being classified, by law, as a vehicle. A bike is not a vehicle.
  • RT jamesschwartz Strictly following our existing road laws on a bike can be dangerous. I use common sense over the law in certain situations #bikeTO
  • RT jamesschwartz On the water, the smaller vessel has the right of way. Larger vessels are accountable for their actions. Not a bad model, huh? #bikeTO
Thread #2:
  • RT StrongTowns Billy Hattaway: Engineers have equated meeting the standards with providing safety. This is not true. #CNU19
  • RT StrongTowns Billy Hattaway: AASHTO standards are not based on safety but on how to keep traffic moving in the system. #CNU19 Speed Kills
  • RT StrongTownsBill Hattaway: AASHTO Green book says we should “use as high a design speed as possible” in our designs. #CNU19 Outdated, utter insanity.

To Wrap

This sent in from the festivities in Old Town this coming weekend to celebrate what is true to be another successful Smart Commute Week.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/24489334]
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