On Street Bike Parking-The Sequel

On Street Bike Parking-The Sequel

Traverse City’s first official on street bicycle parking passed last year’s October trial run and was installed early this morning just in time for Smart Commute week. This year you can find the 12 space (+/-) rack in front of the J. Smith Walkway and Pangeas. This location is an improvement over last year as it is more central, located where there is a need and closer to lunch.


  • Fulfills a latent demand for bicycle parking.
  • Improves the walking & wheelchair experience for sidewalk traffic.
  • Provides space for up to 12 people (read customers), instead of the typical 1.2 person average per single car.
  • Increased visibility for and of bicycles. After all, bikes belong.
  • Increase visibility of store fronts, as the bikes don’t block the view of street-level entrances.
  • Saves the city money on maintenance of light poles & trees damaged by free-range bicycle parking.
  • Traffic calming: on-street parking adds a human scale to the street. Motorists slow down when people are present.
  • Combined with street beautification, can help create a sense of place across the entire public right-of-way.
Park there!
  1. June 6, 2011 at 9:13 am

    Grand Rapids is jealous! We ran into some DDA folks who said they’re thinking about one in front of a downtown venue, but that’s still way out in the offing, I think.

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