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How Is Your Spanish?…Is It Better On A Bicycle?

Video Tuesday

Ad by Decathlon via the Ubiquitous Blog

“Porque la vida es más bella en bicicleta”

Because Life Is More Beautiful By Bicycle


I’ve noticed and liking a lot of excellent marketing featuring bicycling lately. Have you seen any that grabbed you?

  1. Dave
    June 7, 2011 at 10:41 am

    A few weeks back, I tried speaking in English to a man riding on the sidewalk. “You can ride in the street you know.” He said, “No speak English.”

    It wasn’t until a few seconds later, and some revolutions of my pedals later and saying “Mi espanol no es muy bueno” and proceeding ahead, that I could say “Puedes montar tu bicicleta en la calle.” But I had a long ride, and decided to keep going, though before my turn around, I did speak English to a young man riding on the sidewalk and informed him of the laws and we rode down to Hart Plaza together (en la calle).
    Trying to do two things at once (still being on the side of the road), one being riding a bike which I really concentrate on, doesn’t quite work for me. I know that’s not the point of the post, but it caught my attention.

    For marketing, I am noticing it a little bit here in the states, but I don’t watch much T.V. these days.

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