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I’m Driving Solo To Smart Commute Breakfast–Zoom, Zoom

The hump day of Smart Commute Week: How is it going? Anyone take the bus yet? 


Due to circumstance, I’m driving to Smart Commute Week breakfast this morning. The reality made me think of a previous week where I committed to driving everywhere I needed to gono matter the distance.

I actually enjoy the act of driving, but quickly get fed up with it when I need to drive places so close that I don’t even get to listen to a complete song. Anyway, we have some new readers to MyWHaT since January, so I thought I’d highlight the results today: Car-dependency Is Humorous When It’s Simply A State Of Mind

There were minor cost findings, but the real value of the experiment was the intangibles that I found, some of which that I list here and are explained in the original post.

  • Road-rage Happens
  • Navigators Make Driving Better
  • Pet-peeve #1: Getting in and out of cars
  • Pet-peeve #2: Stop signs and red lights
  • Driving Induces More Driving
  • Time: I didn’t seem to gain any by driving
  • Anxiety/Stress Increased
  • Reflection: I’m fortunate, I’m mostly car free
Sorry for the added congestion, toxic fumes and skid marks I’ll leave in your neighborhood today.


Tonight is the first weekly Pie Ride. At 6pm meet at Park 101’s GT Pie company and ride 6 miles out the TART trail and then back for a free piece of pie. Sounds like a good exchange.
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