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City, County And Area Recreational/Parkland Providers Want Your Input


Through July 31st, Traverse City Area Public Schools (TCAPS) is inviting the community to participate in an online survey that is being conducted to determine what citizens name as priorities for recreation, parks, leisure needs, as well as opportunities in Grand Traverse County, TCAPS’ attendance area, and adjacent townships.

Online Community Survey To Identify Traverse Area Recreation Priorities

Grand Traverse County parks and recreation director, Jason Jones in an email introduced the following survey’s goal with:

Ovid said, “In our leisure we reveal what kind of people we are.”… The survey, and the work of our committee is to ask the questions about what kind of people we are, and to hopefully get the answers that will either tell us we are building a strong community through recreation, or what we can do better to reveal the best traits within our community most efficiently. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns related to this issue.

(GT Parks and Recreation Department at  (231) 922-4818 or jjones@grandtraverse.org)

The committee he refers to consists of representatives from the Grand Traverse County Parks & Recreation Department, the City of Traverse City, townships, TCAPS, YMCA, and other recreational providers have come together to form the Grand Traverse Athletic Collaborative Committee. The purpose of the Collaborative is to explore opportunities for organizing health, wellness, recreation, and leisure resources in more coordinated ways. The Committee is looking to better understand the recreational needs and interests of families, couples, and single persons who are residents of Grand Traverse County and TCAPS’ attendance area.

How you define recreation will inform your responses. I take a very inclusive and broad approach to recreation. A walk to work is both transportation and recreational. I don’t just recreate in parks. I tried to put that in my responses.

Help out… take the survey at the following link:www.tcaps.net/RecreationSurvey.

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