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MyWHaT: More Good Than Harm


Blogger Needs Break

After posting 725 posts since January 2010, I’m taking an approximately 2 week break from maintaining an almost daily posting on MyWHaT. It’s a vacation, but a vacation full of work, some of it related and some of it that pays the mortgage. (A few guest posts may squeak in.)

I also need more hammock time.

I’ve created a responsibility to myself to publish on a very regular, if not hyper-active rate, and it is difficult to shut-it-down. If you hear me utter the phrase, “I really need to write about…” quickly cut me off and shove a grissini in my mouth and buy me a beer. Or, scold me and send me to the nearest hammock to contemplate what I’ve done.

Do You Enjoy MyWHaT?

I do. I enjoy putting MyWHaT together. I like the writing, the editing and the aggregating of resources. There is also related work away from the blog that I enjoy, like connecting people, supporting cool ideas and leading discussions on community issues. But, it does take time; a lot more time than I want to admit to…I’ll only admit to 20 hours a week.

It helps that I have a core of underwriters and the generous support of a few readers. To be honest, I could use more. If you find MyWHaT entertaining or valuable, a donation of any amount is appreciated. Donations in the past have ranged from $5-$500 and the average is around $100. More importantly than the amount, a donation validates the effort behind MyWHaT and its value to the community; it makes me relax a little, smile more and feel like I’m at the least, doing more good than harm (Thanks for boost, RS).

MyWHaT: More Good Than Harm. 🙂

Thank you…see you on the streets and back here in 2 weeks…or so.

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