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N. Barlow Construction Zone: A Promising Sign

Go Team!

(A new series dedicated to what gets done well in Traverse City)

Anyone who has gone east-west across town has likely noticed that N. Barlow is now ripped up for reconstruction. If you’ve been on foot or wheel (other than a car) there may have been a few times passing through here where conditions were less than satisfactory, for example two nights ago I was walking the sidewalk on Webster only to find the path to cross the street blocked by a front end loader. However, for the most part the City has done a decent job in meeting standards found in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices-part 6)(PDF). This is crucial because the City hasn’t always given adequate, let alone exceptional, provisions for all users through temporary work zones. With N. Barlow construction we have adequate, as we move forward let’s aim for exceptional.

The engineering department also asks that anyone traveling through here take extra caution and be ready for a little inconvenience. It should be wrapped up in the next week or two.

Have you encountered this work zone? How have you managed? 

Below: Temporary sidewalk ramp at Washington and Barlow St. This is passable, but  a few ramps on this project are really steep and not as compacted, and thus passable to some, but not to a person using a wheelchair.

Below: Although the crew is thinking about people walking and riding a bicycle through here, there will be times where you certainly need to watch your step! 🙂

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