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Another Take On Parking & Toilets, #RaquelNelson And Small Town, Big Festival (Weekly Chatter)

Parking for Toilets:

Parking spaces in Lot O used for much-needed public toilets is a nice touch by the DDA for the Traverse City Film Festival week.

Even better, it’s instructive to the possibilities for utilizing the plethora of surface lots we have in town for something other than parking cars. Perhaps, we the City could lease one of the nicer models for a season long public restroom?


The Weekly Chatter

Overall, Sharrows were a resounding success in improving safe interactions between drivers and bicyclists on many different types of street with various conditions.


  • RT (IBIKEDALLAS) I believe in bikes.
  • RT (mansgreatest) Amazing how people in cars lose all sense of responsibility for conducting 2 tons of metal around the streets
  • RT (WolfpackHustle) Pushing a gas pedal and revving your engine is almost as impressive as your credit debt.
  • RT (joelga) Love how alive @DowntownTC is these days. #TCFF
  • RT (mttownsend)  “Do or do not. There is no try.” –YODA #TCFF

To Wrap

Steal my bike…go ahead. Try it. The crime attempt is around 25 seconds into it. 
Anyone have a bicycle stolen in Traverse City this summer?
  1. Citizen
    August 1, 2011 at 8:26 am

    Just need one of the local sign companies to put a nice wrap on those.

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