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Volunteers Needed For City/County Boards And Commissions

Engage and Represent

Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves.

~ Horace Mann, Philosopher


We know the players are lining up for November elections for TC’s City Commission, but also important are the several boards and commissions with appointed seats opening up this fall. This is an excellent way for people to get involved and acquire a taste for local initiatives.

Traverse City is seeking several volunteers for the following Boards/Commissions to be filled this fall, if interested you must fill out the form found at the City website and then await the interview process to begin. You can throw your name into the hat for any position, but the following four have vacancies.

  • Brown Bridge Advisory Committee (pdf) Meets quarterly and has the sole purpose of making recommendations to “restore, preserve and protect” the 1,310 acre city owner property. There will be action out here in the next few years as the dam removal moves forward.
  • Parks and Recreation Commission (pdf) This is a monthly meeting commitment, with additional ad hoc and sub-committee meetings as needed. This commission makes recommendations to the city commission and city manager  regarding city parkland plans and operations, as well as recreational issues throughout the community. *
  • Human Rights Commission (pdf) This group meets monthly and makes recommendations to help “foster mutual understanding and respect” in the city. The non-discrimination ordinance passed this year originated here.
  • Local Officers Compensation Commission (pdf) Interested in determining salaries of elected officials and other paid appointments? This board meets once or twice every odd year.
* I serve on this commission and if you’d like to know more we can meet to discuss.
Other opportunities exist at the county level. Currently, positions posted include the Economic Development Corporation and Farmland Preservation. Rumor has it that seats on the County Parks and Recreation Commission and Planning Commission may open-up this fall. If interested, start the process at the County website.
Any questions? 
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