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#TCDivSt on Agenda, Slow Bicycling, Better Streets, Tanks (The Weekly Chatter)

Stakeholder issues along Division St.

TC Division St. Back On Agenda

Some of you might recall the observational walk of Traverse City’s Division St. You might also recall the public hub-bub over the same street when the City hired traffic engineer Ian Lockwood to offer his services. Monday night the City Commission will hold a study session to review the latest recommendations (PlanforTC)coming out of a citizen led steering committee. A lot of the recommendations came from a list of more immediate recommendations published here last year.

The City Commission needs to hear your support for bold action on these items.

Please send an email of support or come Monday night. 

Weekly Chatter

The city’s reputation only started to expand nationally following a 1996 master plan that jump started the city’s bicycle infrastructure expansion. Overall bicycle mode share has increased 275% since then, and today reaches 20% in some of the city’s inner neighborhoods.

“We’re not really facing a shortage of energy; we’re facing a longage of expectations. And the sooner that we as individuals or a nation recognize that the future is going to see much lower consumption than today and prepare for that, psychological resilience is going to be really important, because if no one is psychologically prepared, people are going to freak out when some of these freedoms start to go away.”


  • RT (paulcarr)The US should just claim it’s been the victim of identity theft.
  • RT (WalkableDFW) Amazing how quickly plans in the wrong hands quickly devolve.
  • RT (MIBicyclists) Sad way to start the day. Yet another Michigan cycling tragedy. Saginaw man hit on bicycle dies
  • RT (lutzfernandez) “To ride in a car would be madness…to be separated from what’s around you by a pane of glass would be to miss–everything.” – A. Bourdain
  • RT (ohaijoe) Road rage is so 90s.

To Wrap

Not recommended at home…The mayor of the small Lithuania city Vilnius, Mayor A.Zuokas, takes care of illegally parked cars with…a tank. This was staged for a Swedish show ”99 things to do before you die.” We have 4 months to find a tank before Mayor Chris Bzdok leaves office. 


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