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Guilty of Riding a Bicycle in the Street, Punished by Death

Well Put WTF?

He was riding his bicycle in the street. That seems to have contributed to this. It’s still under investigation.”

~  Sgt. Joseph Dutoi after death from crash in Saginaw

Google Street View of crash site.

An unbelievably disgusting response.

Let me offer up a more suitable response for Sgt. Dutoi:

The fact that the driver was driving a  3.2 ton vehicle around 30-mph seems to have contributed to this. There is no other explanation for the life-ending injuries. The degree of responsibility by the driver is still under investigation.

And, projecting into the situation a little, perhaps a follow-up statement expressing:

We need people to slow down in residential sections and, where appropriate, drop below the speed limit when pedestrians and bicyclists present. We also need to work with the city in improving the context of this street to produce the behavior that is better for the residents here, including aiming to reduce the speed limit from 30-mph to 25, or even 20, if we want to avoid this from happening again.”

Of course, I’m dreaming.

Speaking to the local ABC affiliate, a resident from this area, Alicia Vollmer, exhibited the right attitude in response to this crash. “This ain’t a highway, you know, it’s the city,” she told reporters.

Well put. 

See you tonight?


Consider sending a comment to the Saginaw Police department regarding bicyclists rights to the road and residents rights to public safety and high quality of life. They have a contact form at the bottom of their info page Contact Saginaw Police or you may call with a complaint to (989) 399-1311.

* If you liked to see the comment I submitted, send me a message.

  1. August 8, 2011 at 9:11 am

    This story is a tragic example of why traffic calming and education needs to be pro-active and not reactive. Residents on this street knew it was unsafe and speeds were too high. Maybe now that a man is dead it will help spur change, but based on the police response to this incident…probably not

  2. Matt Ross
    August 8, 2011 at 11:55 pm

    We all know that speeds are to high on Division Street, but our hands are tied by MDOT. I hope it doesn’t take a death in our community to finally get the speed limit changed.

  3. kriosconsulting
    August 9, 2011 at 12:24 pm

    And an update today on the story sheds a little light on the problem that sounds all to familiar especially in reference to our struggles with Division Street, Grandview Parkway and other roadways here.

    At least this time the lead has been changed to read “Saginaw man struck and killed while riding a bike.” The original read “A Saginaw man in his 50s died when his bicycle collided with a black Chevy Silverado.” While the word “collided” may be correct from a strict lexiconographer’s point of view, the connotation suggests the audacious notion that the bike struck the car. I’m happy for the slight redirection.

    It sounds like this street has been unfriendly to pedestrians and cyclists in the Saginaw neighborhood for years.


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