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Mackinac Island: Where Looking for Parking is Enjoyable

Mackinac Island: Priority Parking Everywhere

When people are restricted from visiting a destination via automobile, it’s amazing how much more room is created for people to stop, gander and, most importantly for the Mackinac Island people, spend money. In the frame above, there would be room enough for 4, maybe 5, parked cars; call it 10-15 people (2-3 people per car). In the same frame, counting bicycles I lost count at 50 all bringing someone. You don’t have to be on an island to explore this principle and see the economic benefits.

Additional Shots

Power of the kickstand: priority parking

Riding a bicycle is the American way.

History of Mackinac Island for the uninitiated.


  1. JohnRobertWilliams
    August 17, 2011 at 9:12 am

    Hmmmmm. Why is Mackinac Island the #1 tourist destination in the Motor State? (or the Midwest)…Why do people flock to DisneyWorld or other theme parks? Because they offer an attraction, a destination with NO CARS! Traverse City could/should save many visitors the extra drive and pricey ferry rides and offer the SAME EXPERIENCE.
    (we’ll find someone to fire a canon off the Top of the Park, once an hour)

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