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Making Judgments on the Safety of a Place, What do You See?

Graphic Friday

You can participate in the research findings at Place Pulse.

The project (Gizmodo) uses two contrasting images from Google Streetview and asks viewers to click on the image that “looks safer.” Other questions to explore, compare and contrast places that look “more unique” or “more upper class.”

From the introduction on the Place Pulse website, a project out of MIT’s Media Labs, you get a feel for the underlying concept:

Inside your mind, subconscious judgements about your surroundings are made in real time. Do you feel safe? Does the area you are in seem unique? Does it appear wealthy, clean or even energetic? You may not think about, let alone understand, what goes into making these anecdotal determinations, but when elicited, your opinions can be understood as part of a more substantial collective and used in powerful ways.

What do the initial views of the streets in the city where you live express? 

(Thanks for the heads up, C.D.)

  1. Chris
    August 20, 2011 at 8:26 am

    Interesting how all the cities seen as more safe are in Europe and all those less safe are in the US

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