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Park Personalities, Dangerous Lists, Cargo Bikes for Tots and More

Weekly Chatter

“Interestingly enough, especially public libraries also share a political history with bicycles. Both have been important tools in the emancipation processes of the labour force, women and other oppressed groups. They are the tools of equality.”

Check out this line-up!

  • This writer sees the American Society of Civil Engineers as “pretending it is 1952″ (New Urban Network) (Plenty of informative links)

Sixty years of unproductive infrastructure spending later, we are awash in maintenance liabilities with no money to pay for them.”


  • RT jimbruckb: You can get to the most beautiful place in the country from Traverse City on BATA’s Village Connectors for $3 #carfreeTC #MItransworks
  • RT chinzeDPT: Picked up a sweet old school huffy cruiser for $5 this am at the restore #score
  • RT bikehugger: A Double Rainbow with Bike: goo.gl/Bd61l what does it mean?
  • RT apbp: FHWA Administrator Victor Mendez says livability means safe choices in how you travel whether in urban, rural or suburban setting.
  • RT tomvanderbilt: On that last note, only in America do people drive to soup kitchens.
  • RT DuncansCityRide:Maybe we should rename Rush Hour… something like “Everybody’s-leaving-work-at-the-same-time-and-it’s-gonna-be-busy-so-fucking-chill Hour”

To Wrap

Rough week…seeking solitude.

Photo by YIM Hafiz

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