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Announcement: Discussing the Law of Bike/Ped/Car Interactions


Tonight’s city commission meeting will include a study session titled: Discussion of the laws that regulate vehicle/bike/pedestrian interactions. 

It could actually be entertaining. I don’t have time early this morning to address the topic at length, but did find the commission packet (PDF) interesting. It includes a summary of the Car/Bicycle accidents that have occurred since April 1st. The reports are brief and I look forward to looking at them more closely.

After a quick glance, a crash that occurred on June 22 jumped out at me as odd. It reads: “at Front and Hope Streets, “A” injury to bicyclist, cyclist changed lanes in front of vehicle, vehicle struck cyclist, bicyclist listed at fault.”

The “at fault” seems off because people on bicycles are allowed to change lanes, even if it is “in front of” another vehicle. That’s how people make left hand turns, no? I recall from my drivers training that if you rear-end someone, it is by definition your fault. Not knowing all of the specifics, hard to make a hard judgement, but it seems like that principle would apply here. I could be wrong.

Take a look through the 19 cases yourself and see if you see anything. You can download the packet from the city website (PDF) or view it below beginning on page 14.

The meeting begins at 7pm in the governmental center.

You can quickly refresh your knowledge of Michigan bicycle laws via:


Page 14 for crash reports.

  1. August 22, 2011 at 8:31 am

    I’m curious why so many cyclists seem to run into stopped or parked vehicles. Sounds like an interesting meeting.

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