How Does Changing the Context of a Street Change Your Behavior?

What streets in your community does the image below remind you of?

After you click play, watch as the scene is re-envisioned with overlays showing different designs.   As you watch, ask yourself how your behavior and interaction in the place would change depending on the scene.

  • If you were driving a car here, what are the likely impacts on the experience?
  • In which image would you be more inclined to ride a bicycle? Walk? Expect to find a bus stop?
  • Or, in which image are you more likely to sit on a bench and people watch?
  • In what scene is that great retail idea you’ve been kicking around more likely to succeed?

Any other scenarios you can think of that might change?

What might happen in Grand Traverse if we change the scene along Division, 14th, Garfield, 8th, Front, Cass, Barlow, South Airport, Munson, Grandview…


* Images courtesy of traffic engineer Ian Lockwood who shared these or similar ones in a presentation to the Traverse City City Commission in 2010. Thanks Ian…good luck on the book!
  1. Richard Miller
    August 30, 2011 at 1:10 pm

    An excellent example of how character and context really do matter. Thanks for posting!

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