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The County Parks and Recreation Commission has Openings

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A couple of weeks ago I mentioned a few open seats on various city commissions, including two seats on the city’s parks and recreation commission on which I serve. As far as I know, there remains spots open on the parks and recreation commission so do consider throwing your hat in the running. We have a meeting Thursday night if you want to check out what we do…agenda & packet is below (fullscreen).

Recently, I received the following email from Jason Jones, the superintendent of the Grand Traverse County Parks and Recreation, requesting an announcement to encourage people to seek seats at the county level as well. Fair enough, I’ll let him do it.

Here is his pitch, show him some love:


I noticed in your blog a couple of weeks ago you talked about openings for local Committees and Commissions, with a small mention of the County, how ’bout a little more love for the County Parks and Recreation Commission? Below I have some text you should be able to simply cut and paste into your blog for the two positions we will have opening up in January.

Grand Traverse County Parks and Recreation Commission is seeking applicants for two seats on the Parks and Recreation Commission

Our Commission is a 10 member policy making board that oversees 13 properties and facilities including the Civic Center, Easling Pool, Twin Lakes, and Power Island. The Commission meets on the third Thursday of the month at 6 pm at the Government Center for approximately 2-4 hours. There are approximately 2-3 special meetings per year on a variety of topics. The Parks and Recreation Commission (PRC) appointments are made by the Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners, and will take office in January 2012 (one seat may be open earlier).

Under its most recent leadership, the PRC has taken a more pro-active stance to “enhance community and quality of life through people, parks and programs.” The PRC sets a Strategic Plan for staff, adopts policies and provides direction to ensure broad reaching goals are achieved.

Additional information, including the link to the application can be found at the County Website.



Thank you for leading, Jason.

Traverse City’s Parks and Recreation Packet • Meeting is Thursday night at 6:30 PM

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