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Who’s Walking, A2 is Busing, 1 More Rides a Bike, We All Are Driving Less

I was riding my bicycle hyper-aware of following all the traffic rules this week. What I discovered? There is no better way to piss off people who are driving cars than following all of the traffic rules to the T. Why are some in such a hurry? It takes a bit to get off the line, chill out.

With that, I’m out until Tuesday.

Happy holiday.


Weekly Chatter

As free Americans we should be able to choose how we get from point A to point B, and no matter what mode of transportation we chose, we should be able to get there safely.”
Sometimes the best solution to a problem is to forget you had one.”
  1. Police reports are often wrong and often erroneously blame the bicyclist.
  2. In bike accident cases, there’s always a strong predisposition to blame the bicyclist.


  • RT drgrist: The fact that the post I’m starting is going to be super-long & boring & far less viewed than a lawn chair picture is sapping my motivation.
  • RT tomvanderbiltIf a car striking a cyclist raises the refrain ‘they shouldn’t be on the road!’, by that logic what do we say when one car strikes another?
  • RT JennzieofBenzie: Have a beautiful day!! #BeTheGood #BeKind
  • RT ehoogeCities need places where you can sit and watch… Just like looking into a mirror!
  • RT jimbruckb: “money spent to build parking spaces in the U.S. is more than the value of all the cars using those spaces” – Donald Shoup, UCLA
  • RT lebo_diseko#Libya. Wow!

To Wrap

Another convert. Local little guy learns to ride. “This is so much fun!
Thanks for sharing Hammer.
  1. anonymous TC biker
    September 3, 2011 at 9:19 am

    your very first paragraph is something i’ve been thinking myself for so long now. agreed, exactly.

    my own pet peeve: when i’m biking along on some residential, low-speed low-traffic street, just being the regular wheeled vehicle and following the same rules as everybody else — and car drivers insist on treating me like i’m a pedestrian anyway. really, things flow more smoothly if they just let me fit in, not insist on waving me forward out of turn or whatever — i’m in a regular traffic lane on purpose for a reason.

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