Road Conversions as a Tool for Complete Streets


Back in April, MyWHaT teamed with TART Trails to host a community conversation about the importance of complete streets policies for a more connected community.  There were over 60 people in attendance ranging from representatives from the Grand Traverse County Road Commission to a few who had never been to such a meeting. Since that April meeting, the coalition has met twice to learn more about planning and roles that citizens can engage in at the local government level. These conversations have led to the creation of a Connected Community: Complete Streets resource page utilizing the Grand Vision website. (A similar page will be mirrored here on MyWHaT.)

This resource page will be a clearinghouse for information on upcoming events, learning opportunities, and actions. In addition, it will be a source for collecting answers to questions that are requested through the complete streets coalition. If you see an item missing or have a burning question that you think others might benefit from knowing the answer to, please use the form below and we will see what we can do. You may also use the form to let us know how you would like to engage.  We need more people with initiative getting involved; this coalition body can help you help us!  

The next event is this upcoming Tuesday and is a chance to learn about road conversions and how they might be applied in locations here in northwest lower Michigan. Follow this link for more info and an agenda: Road Conversions: A Tool for Complete Streets

Also since April, Acme Township has passed a complete streets resolution and Frankfort, MI has begun creating partnerships for Safe Routes to School and Complete Streets (Morning Star)–Go Team!

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