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Trains, Tunnels, Festivals, Walking, Biking, Health, Place, Money…You Name It

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Last Monday night the City Commission made known a preference to keep Traverse City’s train ride on the bayfront (REagle). That is their prerogative and I’m biting my tongue; moving forward with what it is.

I will note, landscape architect Lori Singleton articulated perfectly the challenges and opportunities for that entire space at last night’s meeting. Her presentation is worth a look.

The next stage has already begun. The consultants met alone with TC’s train ride expert, Dr. Don Frost, this past week and came up with new schemes that include the train ride. Refined plans will be presented this Monday for the steering committee–a consortium of staff members and 3 parks and recreation commissioners.

The meeting is open to all, like all of them have been: 11am • 2nd floor of the Gov. Center.

Weekly Chatter

In terms of indicators like real estate values, places that have decent transit, those places are holding their value pretty well. The places that are utterly car-dependent have not recovered.” ~David Goldberg


  • Cities as environmental solutions get’s more press: count the ways (WSJ)


  • RT brainpicker“Good design is no more expensive than bad.”
  • RT miabirk: So dang grateful to spend my days creating active communities where bicycling & walking are safe, normal, healthy & fun daily activities!
  • RT lutzfernandezCan’t just focus on commuting stats w/ bikes; 3 of 4 car trips r to somewhere other than to work & bike trips can/do replace some of these.
  • RT rory_neuner: Over 20,000 households in Detroit do not have a car or access to transit. Imagine waking up w no options to get to work. #mitransvision
  • RT WalkableDFWWalkability not for sh!ts & giggles. It facilitates the exchange of goods/ideas, urban metabolism of density & proximity designed attractively

To Wrap

Actions like the Grand Vision are happening all over the place–the following quote came out of a public meeting for the Ranson Renewed/Charles Town Connected group in West Virginia. It’s a good lesson.

Have a weekend.

See you Tuesday

  1. Jeff Frost
    September 20, 2011 at 2:18 pm

    The water park is unmodified in all 4 of these plans and the train has been severely modified to try and fit. All the track plans are either not feasible or would be impossible to make work due to the elevation changes in the land.

    The waterpark section and the train should both have modifications so they can work well together and the whole park can be a good attraction.

  2. Jeff Frost
    September 20, 2011 at 7:48 pm

    The train should be left as an attractive, fun and interesting ride for the boy and other kids who cannot do anything with the new water park. They deserve to have this attraction. The track should not be severely shortened to make way for new things that may or may not last.

  3. Jeff Frost
    September 21, 2011 at 9:07 pm

    So people disagree that those who can’t do the water park do not deserve another good amusement ride?

    The train fits the good amusement ride and the City Commissioners listened to the public when they said they want to keep the train. There are those in the parks and rec commission who do not want the train but they are public servants and ought to do what the public wants. The train is not to be made into a “hobby train” or a “12,000lbs noose” as it has been called. The public wants it. It is not proper to sell the train short as an afterthought. Nothing has been proven that all these public members wanted to get rid of it. The public wants to keep it and the City Commisioners agreed to keep the train because that is what those who voted them into office want.

    The kid who has seizures and cannot do the water park deserves to have something that he enjoys and that he can do. He can ride the train and now ride it by himself. The train should not be minimized. A compromise needs to be made, the water park and train both should be modified to work well together.

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