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Traverse City to Consider Complete Streets Resolution


Tonight, the planning department for Traverse City will introduce for approval a Complete Streets Resolution to the City Commission. It pulls together approaches from other policies in the City and lays out a path for future infrastructure.


Given more time to build support the City could arguably pass a stronger policy than this, however, the planning department is balancing other priorities. Chief among those is that the City is currently seeking grant money for a mid-block crossing of Grandview Parkway at the north end of Elmwood Ave. as well as an extension of the multi-use trail along the shoreline. For the federal and state grantor agencies, communities with CS resolutions or ordinances are viewed more favorably than ones without these policies on the books.

Complete Street Basics

Transit is part of a complete system.

It might go without saying for MyWHaT readers, but Complete Street policies are being implemented in Michigan as a tool to ensure the planning, funding and construction of complete transportation systems that serve all users safely, comfortably and efficiently. In addition to providing for our driving habits, equitable provisions are needed for transit and active transportation. A complete system connects more people to jobs, businesses and to improved quality of life. This translates into things like sidewalks, bike lanes, trails, bus stops, transit centers and broader consideration though-out the planning process.

The fundamental principle of Complete Streets is: people will be there, design for them.

Please, consider speaking at tonight’s meeting, or sending an email, in support of the resolution. You can read the draft here or below the following points that I’ll be sharing with commissioners.

I support the Traverse City Complete Street resolution because:

  • As a resolution, it provides non-binding flexibility for the City while at the same time communicating that we are  working towards a certain shared goal. Pass this resolution with the full knowledge that the City must continue to improve and be creative moving forward.
  • Developing a non-motorized plan, or transit and active transportation plan, is a key element in this resolution. I encourage the City Commission to set a time-frame for its implementation.
  • Once passed, we will share the distinction of having a Complete Streets Resolution with cities like Flint, Midland, Grand Haven and Marquette. Over all, there are 46 Michigan communities with Complete Street Resolutions and 10 with Complete Street Ordinances. The latest ordinance being passed by Ypsilanti (Heritage) this past September.
  • All of these communities are competing for Transportation Enhancements Grants through MDOT, which favors communities with Complete Street resolutions or ordinances. This resolution will help bring needed transportation dollars into the City.
  • As an extra bonus, communities with CS resolutions or ordinances are now also eligible for municipal discounts (MI-CS) for Michigan-made parking products from the Grand Rapids business, CycleSafe. Discounts are available to communities with a CS resolution and even larger discounts to communities with a CS ordinance.
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