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Look Ma! This Week’s Weekly Chatter Written No-Handed

Have you been to the Great Lakes Bioneers Conference?

It’s crazy to think, but the annual conference is in the 10th year in Traverse City and set for next weekend, Friday-Sunday. This year’s theme is right up the MyWHaT alley: “Reclaiming the Commons” and kicks off with a keynote by nationally acclaimed author on public spaces Jay Walljasper Friday morning.

On Saturday, your’s truly is leading a discussion about the value and power of consequential strangers, a term adopted from a book by Melinda Blau and Karen L. Fingerman. Other topics include issues in education, agriculture, energy, sustainable economics and health.

Online registration is closed. Walk in registration is open each day of the conference.

Weekly Chatter

Overflow car trips do not occur after a road diet. Motorists tend to continue to enjoy driving on the now more attractive, calm street, even if it means the loss off a few seconds in their trip.

Warren has transformed into a block of young professionals, families, community activists, and hipsters who draw a significant crowd on Sunday evenings for four-square games.”

Burning clean, white-hot anger to power our cars (The Onion) ->


  • RT Maddz4planning: For each additional hour you spend in a car, you have a 6% higher risk of obesity. #AIALA
  • RT YuriArtibise: “If you design a good street, you design a good city.” -Melbourne’s Rob Adams speaking at #SFU Vancouver. #cities
  • RT Earthywoman: Leadership is doing what is right when no one is watching. – George Van Valkenburg
  • MikeLydon “A true conservative would oppose our current practice of distorting the free market by subsidizing cars over other forms of travel” -Adler
  • RT rhammer: Hope it’s ok that we biked on #nationalwalktoschoolday
  • RT ccoletta ccoletta “Creativity is just connecting things..” – Steve Jobs 

To Wrap

Enjoy the weather! Go practice these 50 no-handed bike moves.

There’s no time like today to have a weekend.

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