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Community Time vs. Commuting Time

Well Put

Working adults formerly enjoyed an hour of “community time” after the workday was over and before they were expected home. It has been replaced by an hour of “commuting time.” The former warmed us to our fellow human beings, the latter conditions us to hate them.”

~ Ray Oldenburg, Celebrating the Third Place

Interesting notion.


It is one I’ll be exploring this Saturday in my workshop at the Great Lakes Bioneers Conference. Workshop description:


In a way, this workshop picks up from the 2010 GLB workshop Reclaiming the Streets. Participants will explore the value of consequential strangers through introduction, discussion, and exercises. Join Gary Howe, photojournalist, educator, and creator of the blog MyWheelsAreTurning.com, in a look at how the loss of the commons has created a poverty of stranger encounters in our communities. Fundamental to this workshop will be developing the mental construct and perspectives to answer and advocate around the question: Why does a community’s mission need to include encouraging serendipitous social exchange through placemaking in our public spaces.

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