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Know Thy Ballot, Know Thy Candidates

Engage and Represent

Below is a sample ballot for Traverse City, Michigan’s 2011 local election. To see where you are registered and your locale’s sample ballot, you can start at the State’s MI-Vote website or Canivote.org.

For the #TCVote, we have 2 candidates for mayor and 7 candidates for 3 city commission seats. Note, you may vote for up to three commissioners, but may choose to limit your choice to less than that for strategic purposes. Also, write in candidates are allowed. It’d be great to see more 40 and under voters turn out (6% turnout is pitiful).

There are also TCAPS’ school board seats open and a county proposal to maintain funding for Bay Area Transportation Authority (BATA) and a city proposal to preserve the newly adopted Non-Discrimination Ordinance (PDF via City). We will run positions of support on both of these proposals in the near future.

Get to Know the Candidates

Beginning Monday October 17th, MyWHaT will begin running results to the MyWHaT Candidate Survey sent to all nine.

During the week, each day we will run one candidate’s response  without annotation in the order that responses were received. So far, there are 5 responses. Before then, you can hear more policy orientated positions at tomorrow night’s candidate forum at the Opera House from 6:30 to 9.

Happy voting. As they say in Chicago, vote early, vote often!

Click for larger view

DISCLAIMER via CITY CLERK’S OFFICE: This ballot is NOT an official ballot for all precincts. Order of candidates does rotate by precinct.


  1. June Thaden
    October 10, 2011 at 11:34 am

    Gary — thanks for your work on MyWheelsAreTurning! You are improving our city!

    THANK YOU!!!

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