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Announcement: Snow is Coming, Saddle Up and Ride


The snow hasn’t started to fall yet, but there’s no better time to begin thinking about winter commuting than mid-November. Not that it takes that much preparation or consideration. In reality, pedaling around in the winter isn’t that different from a walk in the winter. If you dress sensibly and stay dry, you’ll be fine. Winter bicycling around town is not a sport, it is simply a means to get somewhere. Most of the season, the streets are clear and the weather is more mild than you might imagine. You’d be surprised how ho-hum the experience actually is.

Ho-hum moments aside, there are some wintry nights when the ride home is almost transcendental…there is a crispness in the air and the sounds of the city soften with freshly fallen snow. Often you only hear the gentle hum of your own wheels…it can be beyond blissful.

Call 231-941-4300 for info

However, there are other wintry nights where you might find yourself cussing the name of whomever turned you on to it. Stating the obvious, it can be cold. There is also the occasional slipping and sliding on hidden ice. It’s like anything we do in the winter, it takes a bit more caution and there are certainly tricks of the street that can increase comfort levels.

Next Thursday, TART Trails and Brick Wheels are hosting a panel discussion covering some of those tips. The free workshop titled “Winter Bicycling: How to pedal through winter” begins at 6pm. They’ll have free hot drinks and bakery treats, both of which help with any winter commute.

Once we have some snow, I’d like to see a skills course set up an icy parking lot somewhere as I’m a firm believer that the only true way to learn how to fall is to fall. And, it can be fun.

This is MyWHaT’s second winter online and we have written about winter riding before. Those archive posts remain relevant:

Elsewhere, Copenhagenize has some inspiring images of citizen cyclists pedaling around the Netherlands in the winter. They are worth a look to see how easy it is.

Have fun, stay upright (mostly).

by Teppo via Flikr

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