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City Ski Hills, Granny Flats, Driver Privilege, Place Capital…The Chatter

To begin, thank you to all of the candidates who ran for elected office this fall. You put yourself out there on behalf of the community–and for that, you deserve respect. Thanks.

Also, thank you to everyone who voted. It wasn’t that difficult, was it! Now, your job isn’t over. The one’s fortunate to be elected need your help. They won’t often ask for it, but they need your support in prioritizing the values of the community. The following contact page will help you contact them on issues, but don’t feel you can’t invite anyone of them to coffee at anytime–engage and represent.

The Chatter

Screen grab of possible commute in Traverse City
#9. I can complain to friends, family, and aquaintances about minor accidents and other annoyances without being told that I should stop driving.”
How we channel human, social, economic, infrastructural and cultural capital into the generation of Place Capital effectively determines a community’s success in attracting and spawning further wealth generators.”
For centuries, pedestrians had undifferentiated dominion over both the sidewalks and the roadbed — sidewalks were not pedestrian cattle pens, but off-limits zones for vehicles. “The street” meant the entire open area, from building line to building line.


  • RT Velocentric: Todays lesson: it doesn’t matter if you’re on foot or 2 wheels – drivers hate you. Your safety means nothing vs their time.
  • RT copenhagenize: Heard a cool statement: “Bicycles save more lives than helmets ever can”
  • RT DPGilmartin:”We have disconnected performance of our #transportation system from performance of our neighborhoods” #EoP #placemaking #nlc11
  • RT bikinginla: “If the lane is too narrow for a bike and car to share, it’s not because the bike is too wide.” – Ryan Snyder #CABikeSummit
  • RT @everybodywalk: Fill in the blank: Despite the _________, I´m going to get my 30 minutes of walking in!
  • RT webb: Social media works where there’s a will and appetite for change.@causes says building a community starts with a committed person. #sm4np (Are you committed?)

The Wrap

It’s All About the Bike … Brainpickings featured this short video based off of the book of the same title.


Have a weekend.

  1. BeSquirrely
    November 12, 2011 at 10:51 am

    Would love to see the TC Commission revisit “granny flats” downtown. We have one and it’s a huge help with our mortgage and a huge help to our renters. We need more of them!

  2. T. Werner
    November 14, 2011 at 8:34 am

    For more on “Light the Night” see http://www.preservehickory.com/

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