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Buses & Health, Cities & Responsibilities, Physics & Cycling and the Ultimate Yarn Bomber

A quick reminder to contact the TC’s City Commissioners in support of honoring their spoken commitment to building something great along the Bayfront. With engaged & enthusiastic City Commissioners getting to excellence in 2012 is possible–without them, impossible.

….Also, come to the Civic Center tomorrow to see some Cyclocross action–there might even be a MyWHaT team.

The Chatter

At that point, the police arrived for the first time. We talked to them for a bit, but, like every time we have done this, we tell them we are just doing what government should be doing themselves.”

Darren Flenoy […] made a good salary as a security guard, saved his money and bought a home that he could afford in the far suburbs of the Bay Area in 2006. Inspired by a $6000 rebate that appeared to offset rising gas prices, he bought an SUV….”


  • RT transportdata: Impact of storms on #sprawl – “I was hysterical crying. I was cursing my boyfriend. I was asking, why did I move here.”
  • RT urbandata: 1940:Americans’ time spent gardening & cooking. Now: spent hauling one’s $$$ car & tired ass to huge supermarket.@Michele_Owens #foodpolicy
  • RT Maddz4planning: Bike love is turning off someone else’s lights when you park your bike next to theirs.
  • RT tinybuddha: “Information is not knowledge.” ~Einstein
  • RT BrooklynSpoke: “I always tell people that I would rather drivers/cyclists be courteous to each other than to blindly obey the law.” AMEN.@theurbancountry

The Wrap

Traverse City’s Yarn Bomber  (IPR) has nothing on Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam. What else do you do when you order yarn by the tons? (Hat tip to Playground Designs).

Go Play. 

  1. Jane
    May 5, 2012 at 2:49 pm

    lol !!!! Well if i had the yarn /fiber resources that Toshiko has and if i had a knitting machine ,i would be able to create thousands of amazing bombs like this one for you to play on 😉 But sadly unless i were to get paid for my artful contributions that bring joy and positive publicity to our fair city it all comes out my own tiny pocket 🙂 Cheer up, though! I have my permit tucked away in my handy toolkit and i just installed a fresh new bomb on the drinking fountain in the Kilwinns Alleyway as i prepare to bomb Front Street in celebration for World Wide Knit And Crochet In Public Day . Wool and Honey in Cedar is our backer and your local knitters , crocheters and spinners are all joining together from 9am to 9 pm in many fun creative ways 🙂 Be there or be granny square, my friend 🙂 – Jane aka Your friendly TC Yarn Bomber.

  2. Lyn
    May 5, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    Knitters & Crocheters, come out come out wherever you are! Saturday June 9, Front St. Downtown TC, Smith Parkway (Kilwin’s-Pangea’s) 9:00 am – 9:00 pm. our yarn bombing will be AMAZING!!

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