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The Sabbatical is Near, Stock the Fridge with Cheer…but First

Happy Holidays!

Despite having a full Santa sack of City projects (MyWHaT) to crank about over the next couple of weeks, I’m taking the prudent advice to take a year-end break. A sabbatical of sorts that involves stocking the fridge with holiday cheer, having a healthy book list (Amazon) at the ready, playing a little ping-pong and other mischief I can rustle-up.

Please take a lightning quick survey, click

I’m also asking relying on MyWHaT supporters for feed back during this time. It really does help.

I’ve now been writing, editing and curating resources for the blog for two years. It was intended as an outlet for the material that was occupying my brain, energy and time; it quickly became a public forum and a source of information for around 400 unique visitors per day. Not astronomical numbers, but certainly readers. The numbers have surpassed the goals set in 2010.

So, no matter when you started reading, even if it was yesterday, please take one minute out of your day and complete the following survey. If you have more to say after that send me a message or invite me out for a coffee/beer. One of the biggest rewards from publishing this blog is meeting the people who share passion for well designed, people orientated public spaces.


(Survey will pop-up and if you have trouble, use this link: MyWHaT Reader Survey)


Ways to stay in touch

If  MyWHaT has been valuable or entertaining, consider a contribution. Financial help in the past has ranged from $5-$500 and the average is around $90. More important than the amount, a donation validates the effort behind MyWHaT and its value to the community; it makes me relax a little, smile more and feel like I’m at the least, as one contributor says, “doing more good than harm.”

MyWHaT: More Good Than Harm. :)

Thank you

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