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MyWHaT report from 2011

Happy 2012! Two days in and so far so good.  We’re still on winter break here, but wanted to share some of the numbers from 2011.

Winter riding, finally here.

There were 376 posts last year and a total of 886 posts since the MyWHaT launch in 2010. There have been over 2,000 reader comments in that time span as well.

The busiest day of 2011 was October 26th with over 700 views with a post titled: What is wrong with Gary Howe? (That helps the self-esteem). However, the most viewed post from 2011 belongs to a graphic post titled: My Car Sucks $7,000 A Year Out Of The Local Economy…Sorry.

Other posts with high unique hit counts involved Traverse City’s proposed W. Boardman Lake Ave. The pros and cons of W. Boardman Lake Ave. and Megan Old’s guest post BLA: Let’s Call A Spade A Spade being the top two on that subject.

The Bayfront Plans also attracted attention for the discussion around phase one at Clinch Park and the fate of the mini-train ride.

Guest contributors continued to attract readers. Former Mayor Chris Bzdok’s Shedding Discrimination: Eventually, we’ll all just be neighbors and Joel Gaff’s Sharing Streets With Angry People: The Front St. Incident were in the top 10 in terms of hits.

The Other Side of the School Car-lineBeware of the Very Unforgiving Door Zone… Seriously, and A Baaaa-d-Ass Traffic Calming Device rounded off the most visited list for 2011. The resource page Michigan Roundabouts & Resources also continues to attract interest.

The 2011 MyWHaT Survey will close this week, so if you want to contribute your perspective on this blog and its future direction, I invite you to do so today. The responses so far have surpassed expectations…thank you!


(Survey will pop-up and if you have trouble, use this link: MyWHaT Reader Survey)

In the meantime, winter break continues. Instead of writing, I’ll be “sticking” some under-viewed posts, and a few reader recommendations, from last year to the front page this week.

If you’re itching for Citizen engagement opportunities, this week the City Commission votes on the 2012 Clinch Park plan (Tues., 6pm), the Planning Commission considers the CVS Pharmacy project (Wed., 7pm) and TC’s Parks and Recreation Commission discusses goals for 2012 (Thurs., 6:30).

Go play in the snow! 


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  1. January 3, 2012 at 11:02 am

    Congratulations on a great year and good luck to MyWHaT in 2012!

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