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Chatter: shock & awe transportation policy out of House Rep. & some bliss



Washington D.C. was hard to ignore this past week, here’s a collection of perspectives:

What’s the hubbub?  House Republicans continue to go for shock and awe (StreetsBlog) instead of sound, balanced policy, leading Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a republican, to exclaim, “It’s the worst transportation bill I’ve ever seen during 35 years of public service.” (Politico).

Their version of a transportation bill takes an archaically  myopic view of transportation needs (T4A) and puts Safe Route to School programs (MLUI), pedestrian and bicycling funding (A.B.) and public transit (Daily Yonder) perilously close to being dropped. Yet, highways running though communities are placed on the fast-track (Good) and the bill’s priorities “thwart efforts to design a system that supports Michigan’s economic recovery” (MEC). Is there a positive side? Perhaps (B.Portland) and it’s likely that specific bill has little chance of surviving 100% intact (Stretsblog). It’ll be news again mid-February (M-Bike) Related Retweets:

  • RT @T4America : As someone just said to us, it’s a pretty sad day for Raquel Nelsons everywhere. Some states will address dangerous streets, some won’t.
  • RT @Andybikes : Proposed highway bill is so 1950s – just for cars. Its like a communications bill for 8-track users. #drivingbackwards@bikeleague #bike


Complete Streets for the elderly (AARP) is one thing, but the realization that “we’ve engineered physical activity out of children’s lives” (NYTimes) with drastic results for public health needs to change (DHC) Is there a shangri-la for urban design? Dr. Richard Jackson is looking:

(Showing in Grand Rapids, but not Traverse City)


#LongRead: Commoner David Bollier explores the role of public space and the citizen (Bollier) and elsewhere, why the places we live put a smile on our faces (Atlantic Cities)


Ahh, Montreal. 382 Days on a bike.

via Guillaume Blanchet with a honk-out to JRW

Have a weekend.



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  1. Marya
    February 4, 2012 at 5:50 pm

    “Health happens in neighborhoods, not in doctors’ offices.” NYTimes article above.

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