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Epistemic closure’s cure, “Mardi Paws”, state of the streets…other chatter

Traverse City’s first dog park is still moving forward. The plan is to break ground in May and thanks to the many volunteers helping to raise funds, that is looking more and more like a reality. (RecordEagle)

Come help it succeed and party at the same time at the first ever “Mardi Paws!” on Feb. 20th at Lil’ Bo (TCD-Park) Nora is certainly very excited about it all.


Quote of the week (Sacramento Bee):

It’s kind of corny, but there is more of a human connection that I like…I ride my bike in heels, business suits. I don’t think excuses work. If you’re determined to ride and save money and gas and do your part for the environment, then there really are no excuses.”


When it’s all been said, listen to a 5th grader (Kaboom)


The state of American infrastructure? “Apparently, no one cares.” (Governing) Certainly, that can be said of the House GOP (DUrbanism) Their plan for ideology of devolution simply has too many flaws (MLUI) –> –>


In case you forgot, teens are not so interested in driving (Naperville Sun) For them, and investors, it’s more about collaboration and connecting–enter Ridejoy, the couch surfing of road trips (AllThings) Direct-> RideJoy (RJ)


Bridging the gap with the Agenda 21 conspiracists in your midst? (Atlantic) Or, just waiting for them to die cohort replacement (Grist) to take care of the curmudgeons:

If you reject government, academia, science, and media as sources of information, you are left to believe any old sh*t that gives you a squirt of dopamine. You’re left without exogenous epistemological standards of any kind; you can believe whatever feels right. In short, you have achieved perfect epistemic closure.


Did someone say science and data? Benchmarks? Alliance for Biking &Walking, has released their 2012 Report (ABW) In addition to the glaring disconnect in funding needs shown below, the benchmark report also shows that obesity levels increased by 156 % between 1960 and 2009 (Bikes Belong) while bicycling and walking levels fell by 66 %. (FactSheet-PDF)


FHWA: More road diets for increased safety (BW-Twin Cities) What are road diets again? (Bike League) What are the other FHWA safety measures? (FHWA) NWMI has talked about them before (GV)



Congratulations runners!



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  1. August 5, 2013 at 8:57 pm

    With a steady hand and a well thought out in advance and adhered to during construction.

    Second is the decking and coping remodel 70’s ranch kitchen.

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