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The ingredients for a sexy city revealed…the Chatter

The City is right on schedule to see Traverse City’s first dog park happen this spring.

To keep the momentum, volunteers are counting on a healthy turn-out at this Monday night’s “Mardi Paws” at Lil Bo Pub & Grille from 5-9. 100% of the door and 25% of the proceeds go to the dog park. Come for dinner then stay to drink and get your Cajun on.

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!


Go on red?

Dude, that’s so cool that you take the bus! Rebranding transportation (Fast.c0) while reminding them that “driving remains the most perilous thing most of us do each day.” (DC-StreetsBlog)

“Do the thing we fear, and the death of fear is certain,” Emerson wrote. Do the thing several times a day, and it becomes banal.  … One grief counselor described how a client, struggling to grasp his brother’s death in a crash, sat in her office “week after week saying, ‘He just went to get milk.’”

The loo is family


The role of placemaking bringing people together is well touted (Architectureau) even Harbor Springs is talking it up (HS) but take it one step further, plan your city to help people hook-up, and yes, that way (Model-D) to truly succeed.

Sex is the very essence of a city. People meeting, mixing, mingling, making out, making stuff happen. Sharing space, exchanging ideas, getting entangled, getting busy.



Well, this doesn’t seem right (BikeBlogNYC)  –>  –>

Have a weekend. 




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