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More than one way to plow snow…pedal power?

by  via Copenhagenize

One of the more effective bike pedal powered plows out there. This drag-plow version seems to work well, too.

But, for big jobs, gas power works…when embraced funded. 

Phoebe at work


Phoebe power

Perhaps, when TART Trails’ Phoebe retires or runs out of gas, the community can look into replacing her with one or two human-powered machines.

Not that clearing the trails and the Boardman Lake pedestrian bridge this year hasn’t taken large amounts of commendable human power; it certainly has, but it has also taken generous donations to the gas fund and that ain’t cheap.

A big thank you to all the volunteers stepping in where local government hasn’t to clear by tractor and shovel hundreds of miles of commuter trail…Thank you, thank you! We’ve seen you shoveling, and it’s appreciated. 

For updates on trail clearings and donations needed, visit TART’s Smart Commute Facebook page.




Thank you for the support.



  1. February 28, 2012 at 10:54 am

    Thanks for the TART Trails snow removal shout-out MyWHaT!

    Trained volunteer snow pilots operating Phoebe and The Shovel Team are doing an outstanding job maintaining an accessible and usable trail system along the TART Trail between Cherry Bend Rd and Bunker Hill Rd this winter. With this initiative being in its first season, we’ve been working in coordination with the City to help fill the gaps and not duplicate efforts in order to have a usable year-round trail system. We’ll happily retire Phoebe when the City steps up. Until then, sponsors and designated monetary donations by users and businesses along the trail who benefit by having it clear are literally keeping us rolling.

    Fellow MyWHaT readers, do you use the trail? A $35 donation covers a round trip–every little bit helps!


  2. Will
    February 28, 2012 at 2:18 pm

    I would think having such an attitude toward the City of TC and acting as though TART doesn’t want to clear the trail in the future is counter productive here. The persons running the snow-blower tractor have done a wonderful job and the person that put it together should be commended.
    To say you would gladly retire your machine is not a good message. Are you not committed to what should ahve been done for years? Does TART not think it has a larger responsibility to everyday users and local residents? Obviously the TART writter and GL Howe have a bent toward some socialized world view. Pedal powered snow plows, ( LOL) that made for a laugh around the office today.

    The notion that the city of TC “needs to step-up” is an ncredulous statement. They step up everyday. I see them out of my office window and by my home at 4’oclock in the morning taking care of what most would never do. There seems to be an elitest sound coming through in tthe above message. I think the tone of the message above is not at all what TART should be esposing if you want to keep getting donations from my colleagues and I!

  3. Brian
    February 28, 2012 at 3:47 pm

    I think the idea that city staff shouldn’t step-up and help to maintain public infrastructure, at least that which goes through city owned parks and sidewalks, to be incredulous. The TART is a huge community asset which the City of TC benefits greatly from (think increased property values/taxes and tourist dollars). This isn’t an elitist/socialist point of view, anymore than expecting our city staff to plow our roads in the morning is.

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