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Leap day questions

I’ve falling behind on some other real work today, so woke-up unprepared to write a post. Plus, it’s a leap day and an ice day on top of that, so really, I have plenty of excuses. Good day to drink coffee and read…

On that note, it gives me an opportunity to ask for some reading:

What is going-on in your region? Your neighborhood? Your township? Corner of the county?


What promising projects are taking shape? Falling apart?

Grand Vision people? What are you up to? What has you excited? Perplexed?

Leave a comment or send a message; start a discussion.  


Eye-candy via the MyWHaT Tumblr

Using Legos to fix your City




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  1. February 29, 2012 at 11:42 am

    Not hearing from many people this morning, a snow day for all or not much going on. However, I did receive an update on the penguins, it seems the traffic island continues to breed more of them. 2 more were mysteriously dispatched overnight.

    Also, heard from Carrie, a Grand Vision organizer. Her message below:

    On behalf of The Grand Vision folks…so much is going on right now!

    Last week the Food and Farming Network hosted its fourth annual summit to a record-breaking crowd. Seems more and more farmers, residents and producers are getting involved in all aspects of this network’s guiding principle – from farm to school, to the economic impact of locally-sourced foods, to agribusiness in general. Great crowd, and great food, of course (all local).

    We’re about to launch our second annual student video project, which engages youth in The Grand Vision via video production. This year students will receive credit for their submissions – a great nod from our area school districts in support of The Grand Vision.

    And even more exciting, we’re launching a multi-media contest for youth, ages 13-20, with prizes in several medium categories. This contest focuses on placemaking, specifically what scholars call “third places”. We want to know where young people spend time in our communities so we can support preserving and enhancing those spaces.

    This week, the Transportation Network is hosting a unique visit from MDOT director on Friday.

    Just to name a few things….

    If readers want to get involved in any way…just contact me! We’d love your volunteer time!

    Email: info@thegrandvision.org or through theGrandVision.org

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