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The future dog park is near


A big shout howl-out of gratitude to the band of volunteers raising money on behalf of the City for Traverse City’s first off-leash dog park–Thank you!

As of the beginning of the week, $12,100 has been raised through direct asks, the TC Dog Park website, and one festive “Mardi Paws“(FB) event hosted by Lil Bo Bar and Grill–good stuff! The goal is to have at least $16,000 raised by the end of the March as we move towards final preparations for a month of May installation.

According to Trust for Public Land, dog parks are the fastest growing type of park in the United States increasing 34% over the last 5 years (USAToday) while parkland in general only increased 3%. 46 million American households own at least one dog.

We don’t have an official count of households in our corner of the State, but as the positive response so far suggests, we certainly love the four-legged creatures we have. And, more importantly, we value public spaces that bring us bipedals together around shared interests. The social capital that is to be fostered at this park is key component to the park’s future success. Dog parks are about people, people. 

If you intend on utilizing this park or simply look forward to seeing it enjoyed, please consider sending in a $10, $20, or more donation. You can download the appropriate forms for the tax-deductible gift as an individual donor (PDF) or a business donor (PDF).


In other park news, there is a Traverse City Parks and Recreation Commission meeting tonight (Scribd) at 6:30 in the Governmental Center. There is a lot on the agenda, so take a look at the agenda and see what peaks your interest. You can reach all of the P& R commissioners through the contact page. In particular, if you see something you support and want to help, let us know. Of course, let us know if you don’t support something as well. More importantly, visit a park today, if even for a moment.



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