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Comments: goal is comity and informed discussion

UPDATE 3/8 4pm: Since this post was published, further changes were needed to the comments policy. Now, you must be registered and logged in to leave a comment. Your email remains private, but must be a legitimate email address. 

A little housekeeping

Since MyWHaT went live just over two-years ago, reader comments and participation has been invited, encouraged, and, frankly, vital. I actually wish there was more of it, by more readers, and by more people who are actually working on the issues of public space and inclusive transportation in our communities (consider that an open invite).

For whatever reason, the majority choose not to enter the discussion online. One reason, I suppose, is the experience with how quickly other online discussion boards degenerate into personal attacks and tangential rants. For sure, we’ve had some of those moments on MyWHaT, but for the most part the MyWHaT readers that do contribute, do so with intelligence, focus, and honesty. Thank you!

Still, due to some past behavior this blog does have a comments policy that was established to provide some guidance and direction in what is acceptable. The goal is comity and constructive discussion, as well as the occasional whimsy and bit-of-randomness. Personally, I enjoy a little snark here and there, but when it crosses over to being an insult, it becomes unacceptable.

I only raise this issue today, because of some recent comments by anonymous readers that we’re not approved because they directly insulted another individual and/or organization. Disagreement is valued and needs space to be heard, but not when framed in a personal attack on someone else who simply has a different opinion.

If you feel that you simply can’t express yourself without insulting someone, send me a message and do so by identifying yourself. As well, even if you don’t want to insult anyone (actually, particularly if you don’t) but don’t feel comfortable leaving a public comment, please send me a message when a post or issue moves you. I prefer not to work in a vacuum and need others’ perspectives to develop my own–specifically the perspectives that challenge me.

Thank you to everyone who participates in the blog, whether you comment or not. Make it a great day!




Thank you for supporting this blog.

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