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Announcement: Saturday May 19th for Tweed Ride TC 2012

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If it feels like May and it is still only March, what are you supposed to do? Roll with it. The 80 degree weather this week must have inspired the director of festivities for the Tweed Ride TC this week. Sir Owen sent in the following message:

We’ve got the wheels rolling again for the Tweed Ride again and hope that you’ll be joining us! Thanks for the shoutout on the blog a few weeks ago, as it gave us a little kick in the pants to get to work.

Following on the success on both last year’s Tweed Ride TC, and the Summer’s Seersucker Ride TC, we’ll again come together for a social and short bicycle tour of Traverse City’s downtown neighborhoods done in vintage style. After circling back towards the Bayshore, this year’s post-ride social will be held at The Outre Lounge at InsideOut Gallery in the Warehouse District.

So, it is still 2 months away, but it’s never too early to prepare your tweed.

More information at  www.tweedridetc.com




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