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Bayfront project along Bay St. to impact access starting March 26


Complete consideration

Traverse City Light & Power will begin work on the final phase of the Bay Street Undergrounding Project on Monday, March 26 (TCLP). The project involves removing the overhead electric facilities along portions of Bay Street, across from West Bay, and placing them underground.

The area is going to be tore-up until the project is completed in July, so be aware and use caution.

If you recall last year, there were a couple of snafus in this area (MW). As one of the most highly traversed areas for people on foot and bicycle it is good to see it clearly stated in their press release that, “all bike and pedestrian crosswalks across Division Street and the Grandview Parkway will remain open” during construction. Portions of Bay Street itself will be closed as well as the parking lot at Veteran’s Park. There is park parking in a section of the church parking lot. The park provides tennis courts, a playground, bathrooms, and is slated to host the City’s first dog park (FB) beginning this May/June.

For TCLP’s full press release go here (TCLP).

Thank you for the service, and the attention to details, TCLP.

Clinch Phase I

We also extend an additional thank you to TCLP for their continued commitment to the bayfront improvement plan. In addition to moving forward with their undergrounding projects, earlier in March the TCLP Board approved a $1-million contribution to phase I of the 2012 construction of Clinch Park (REagle).

This contribution expands the project from what was earlier budgeted with contributions from the Downtown Development Authority, DTE, a Natural trust Fund Grant, and other sources. The 2012 project is now budgeted for $2.6 million. Phase I is set to include a public plaza, restrooms, a play area & water feature, landscaping, and re-completion of the multi-use trail through the park.

Evolving information can be found at the City’s website via the Planning Department.

Thank you TCLP. Happy 100th anniversary!




At least you have roads…

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