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Dog park benefit concert this Saturday night — almost there…


Scouting out the park.

The volunteers for Traverse City’s first dog park deserve a round of applause of hands and paws!
Since January, volunteers have raised over $13,000 towards the $15,000 needed to establish a dog park at the corner of Cypress St. and Division St. They will have an opportunity to take a bow this Saturday night at the Sola Gratia concert benefit series featuring Ghost Heart, an emerging band from Grand Rapids. With a hypnotic stage presence, Ghost heart plays “captivating, expansive, rock songs” with full ranging vocals and tribal beats.

Have a listen:

The gathering will be held in SoFo at The Circuit, a new venue on 14th St. and starts at 5:30 with soup & bread by donation. The music starts at 6-pm with local beagle favorite Pat Ivory on his lap-style resonator guitar. Tickets are $15 (kids free) and are available at the door or at Oryana and the D.O.G Bakery. There’s more information about the event here. Sorry, the canines need to sit this one out.

Come celebrate with us!

We are hoping that contributions between now and the end of the concert will launch us well-over the goal so that the City can shift efforts towards breaking ground late spring.

For more information about the dog park and how to contribute, visit tcdogpark.com. You may also download donation forms here (personal) and here (business) and bring them with you Saturday night.

In anticipation, the beagles requested a scouting trip to the future dog park…the younger pup was vocal with excitment and the elder beagle had to be dragged away…See you Saturday!


Help induce cartwheels:




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