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A little April business

When was the last time you had a month with a winter-storm of the decade (if not longer) and shortly followed by a week of 80 degree weather? Yeah, me either…See ya later March. Time to look towards the garden, cleaning the bikes, and getting outside. And, taking care of business.

On that note, April will be a fundraising month for MyWHaT. We need current underwriters to renew and we need a few new underwriters to help the blog and the work behind it thrive. If you are interested or have a lead on a potential underwriter, please send a message.

There are many different ways underwriter-ship can happen, from cold, hard Baybuck magic to in-kind services, and everything in between. If you find value in what is published here, consider having your business/organization represented.

If all goes well, the one-thousandth MyWHaT post will be published sometime in May. It’d be a rewarding sign that this work is valued and appreciated to announce another year’s worth of underwriters.

As well, individual donations have greatly helped promote and sustain this work over the last two-years–thank you! If you are so inspired, you can choose a one-time donation or schedule monthly subscription of $5, $10, $25, or $50.  _

As always, contributions of social capital are also always appreciated. Want to meet for a front porch forum? A park bench colloquial? How about a cross-walk rally? Or, a bar stool congress? Let me know, meeting new people, with new ideas has been the most rewarding part of this experiment.

As always, thank you for the support.


What’s on your radar for April?




$5 a month makes me smile, $25 a month induces cartwheels.



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