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Walk: you’re designed to

Is tomorrow.

Why? First, because the human animal is made for walking. Second, your heart needs it. In fact, it is begging for it.

How to fit it in? If you live within a mile of work, take a walk commute. If you have extra time and live a little further from work, still walk. Or, park a half-mile from work. Chances are you not only will get 20-minutes of walking in, but you could also save money on parking; you can run errands while walking back to the car. Or, the walk may turn into a happy adventure.

Not possible to commute by your feet? Take your walking shoes to work and take a strolling lunch or afternoon coffee break. Have a meeting with your boss that doesn’t involve Powerpoint? Suggest a walking meeting around the block or through a park. If you get home and still haven’t walked…reward yourself with a walk to dinner and a movie.

Ask yourself, can I walk there?  


And, a reminder that as we walk less and less, it is showing in our girth.

via Atlantic Cities via CDC



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  1. April 3, 2012 at 3:09 pm

    Okay, Gary, you have inspired me. I used to regularly walk or bike for errands, shopping, etc. and have fallen off, for some reason. But, here is my goal for the Spring, Summer, Fall: If I can walk there in ten minutes or less, I am walking. If I can bike there in 30 minutes or less, I am biking.

    My husband made the ‘walk to work’ change about a year ago. He now loves the ten minute walk to and from the office, rain or shine. It adds a few minutes to gear up for his day, and a few minutes to decompress before arriving home. He invested in a sturdy backpack that serves as his briefcase. It has also increased his use of ‘in town’ services. When you’re just walking by……..

  2. April 3, 2012 at 10:15 pm

    Awesome! Throw in a bus ride or two and you might find even more opportunities to walk or bike instead of drive.

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