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Tag, you’re it–now go for a walk

Received this encouraging email that went out to all employees at Northwestern Michigan College:

Are you feeling   s  l  u  g  g  i  s  h  ?  Do you feel better when you get up from your desk and just walk the kinks out?  Do you need a jump start to your afternoon after you eat lunch?

The NMC Wellness Committee wants to help you out!  Floating around the college are copies of a tag that will give you permission to take a hike…..once you are tagged, take a short walk (isn’t it nice that spring is here??) and then pass the tag on to one of your coworkers.  We want you to get the lead out, take a break from your work day, and do something for your own mental and physical health.

The Wellness Committee members have the first tags – we’ll be taking our walks and then tagging one of you!  Feel free to make a copy if you want to tag a couple people.

Don’t let the tag stop at your desk – we want to see them circulate around every building of every campus.  If it comes back to you, start it all over again!

~ Your NMC Wellness Committee

Yes! Walk, you’re designed to.




People who contribute today, will receive total consciousness

which is, you know, really nice. 

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