Do you miss the Weekly Chatter?

…it is greatly appreciated._


Do you miss the Weekly Chatter?

I admit it, I do miss curating a collection of news bits, studies, commentary, and curiosities related to public spaces and transportation every week. It was nice way to collect my thoughts from the week and clear the multiple browser tabs left open throughout the week. It was fun to piece together. But, the advisory council agreed that the labor hours put into the blog had to be cut somewhere, and so…

I trust the MyWHaT readers who were fans of the Weekly Chatter are following when they can on the MyWHaT Tumblr. It operates like a streamlined archive of items that catch my eye and mind; sometimes I add commentary, often I don’t.

This hierarchical traffic pyramid below is something that caught my eye recently. I’ve certainly seen similar ones, but I like the comprehensiveness to this version. Some other visuals to flag from the Tumblr: this is how to paint a street, introduce fun into the built environment, and watching citizen cyclists from above (admire the flow).

Thank you for your time and continued support (your $5, $10, $25 helps prevent further cuts). 


(via alascca)

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