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Connecting the dots: TC is part of a global action

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Connect the Dots

TC350 supporters gather for Climate Impacts Day at the Open Space.

The group isn’t alone. The event was an international day of photos, led by the 350 campaign, to highlight the harbingers of global weirding that are already occurring. In Traverse City, the theme was roughly based on the hottest March on record (NOAA)–winter hats and bathing suits, anyone?

A slide show of Connect the Dots images is available here.

I certainly appreciate the following group photo from Bekaa, Lebanon connecting active transportation to more resilient transportation.

Locally, I admit there is very little to do about global weirding. However, we can build resilient communities that are able to quickly adapt and respond to adversity. In Traverse City, weatherman Dave Barrons explores these topics bi-weekly on his public access show, Investigating Community Resilience.

In a recent show, he discusses with Bob Russell of the Neahtawanta Center two of the primary drivers of change: climate change and resource depletion.

Thank you for all those paying attention and drawing attention to the issues.



  1. May 7, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    Huzzah for Resiliency! Also a call for all you resiliency pioneers reading this blog to submit workshop proposals for the 2012 Great Lakes Bioneers Conference event, Oct 19-21. So simple!

    Do it online here:

    Thanks for allowing the plug, MyWHaT šŸ˜‰

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