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Where did all the men’s hats go?

…it is greatly appreciated. And, needed._


Why did men stop wearing stylish hats? (NPR)

In the 1950s — and this was one of Ike’s grand accomplishments — he built a vast highway system across America. Interstates went up everywhere. Cities extended roads, turnpikes, highways, and suburbs appeared around every major city. People, instead of taking a bus, a tram, a train to work, could hop into their new Chevy or Ford and drive.

Before Eisenhower, many more people used public transportation. After Eisenhower, they used a car. That, my father thinks, created the critical Head-To-Roof Difference.

Hmmm. Should also mention that men also stopped walking to work. Many stopped walking in general. As a man with not much protection on top, I’m sympathetic to the loss of this cultural trait. Certainly, when walking I’m almost never without a hat and now I’m reminded that my hat reserve could use a boost.

(Hat Tip to M.G. for the link.)


This is a good time to throw out a reminder: TC TWeed Ride is May 19th…good time to lose the helmet and wear a nice looking hat.


  1. PhatBatt
    May 10, 2012 at 10:07 am

    I just bought a Cubs skull cap from MLB.com. Wore it three times, and the C fell off. WTF? So, I Skyped them. And do you know what they told me? “We’ll mail you one free-of-charge TO TAIWAN.” American Customer service Rawks.

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