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The world provides–if you’re paying attention

I’m feeling lucky today.


Reason #72 why we ride (or walk)?…Found money.

Back-story: I was feeling like I lost some money when I left the house for work this morning and so when I came upon this 10-spot in the middle of the street, I couldn’t help smiling at the universe. Certainly, found money and other valuables is a reason to ride. You just don’t find things like this when you’re in a car doing 30-plus in a 25-mph zone.


Reminds me: last week I watched a woman stop on the side of the street and lean over without dismounting her bike to pick up a large piece of litter. Next to her people in cars continued to speed by–oblivious. Oblivious to a lot of things–as is the nature of such things. I’ve never once witnessed a driver stop, get out of their car, and pick-up a piece of random trash. Myself included, except for perhaps in a parking lot.

Back to work; a 10-spot only goes so far.


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  1. GregGraetz
    June 8, 2012 at 11:28 pm

    Just like found money, isn’t it the same story as how a certain someone was reunited with his driver’s license early last spring? 😉

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